Great Taste Award Winning Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

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Awards Won : 2014 & 2015 Great Taste Award Winner
Vegetarian Suitable : Yes
Certified : Organic
Pack Size : 500g
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Our Expertly Blended Decaf, Is An All Natural Swiss Water Premium Decaf, Blended Using 5 Arabica Coffees From 5 Origins To Give An Superbly Smooth And Delectable Taste First Sip To The Last. 2014 & 2015 Great Taste Award Winner
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Our expertly blended Decaf, is an all natural Swiss Water premium decaf, unlike the majority of decaffeinated coffee sold in the UK market that uses nasty chemical processes.

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee. Decaffeinated Coffee Beans, Award Winning Decaf


We have a passion for crafting amazing coffee, whether that be caffeinated or decaffeinated. Starting with small batches, we remove caffeine in a gentle, 100% chemical free process, so that whether it’s morning or night, you have the option of enjoying our #1 selling coffee without the caffeine.


When you love coffee as much as we do, what you take out is just as important as what you leave in. Swiss Water® Process. We expertly blend 5 Single Origin Arabica coffees to give a superbly smooth and delectable taste first sip to the last.


Our secret recipe signature 100% Arabica blend of single origins is what makes this coffee truly shine!


Great taste judges described this coffee as a decaffeinated coffee that shines above caffeinated coffees. A dark rich crema, with citrus notes mixed with chocolate, that translate elegantly to the palate. A lovely finish with spice that dwells on the back of the tongue and throat.


An excellent after dinner coffee, but equally of sophisticated to lend itself to all day every day drinking, especially for a decaf.